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Zombie Master is a zombie Half-Life 2 modification originally released April 15th, 2007 (beta version 1). The latest and last version, 1.2.1, was released on January 4th, 2009. As stated by the project leader, Bad King Urgrain, the modification has ceased development permanently after the 1.2.1 release.


The gameplay features elements of real-time strategy with traditional first-person shooter elements as found in Half-Life 2. One player per round is selected (at controlled random) to be the Zombie Master, who controls scripted map elements such as zombie spawns, traps. The zombie master also has other functions such as creating hidden zombies (not within line-of-sight of players) and small explosions (that will move physic objects if stuck).

The objectives of the game (from the survivor perspective) are map-based and vary drastically from map to map.

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