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Zombie player first person view in zms_inf_deadcity_b3

ZombieMod: Source was a team-based zombie Half-Life 2 modification which was first released publicly in August, 2008. The project was later renamed to Situation Outbreak due to public criticism.

It shared part of the name with a popular Counter-Strike plugin titled "ZombieMod". The modification was developed by a small team of three people under the name "Agent Red Productions". There was two gameplay modes: Infection, which is a team-based zombie versus humans mode and Survival, which works similar to Left 4 Dead's survival mode where humans and NPC-controlled humans must stave off the ever-increasing onslaught of zombies.

The project started initially with Grey-Echo (£cho) coding the full modification by himself in an effort to "attempt to duplicate ZombieMod for CS:S and make it its own independent modification for Half-Life 2 Deathmatch".



  • Denmark P4TRICK - Texture Artist, Public Relations
  • Grey-Echo (┬úcho) - Coder, Compiler, Mapper, Texture Artist
  • GlitchedSystem - Coder Joined


ZombieMod: Source has been talked about and even featured on Podcast17. To date, ZombieMod: Source has been mentioned in episodes 12401, 13241, 13409 (review of the modification), 12569, and 13577 in which key members from the team were interviewed including James Pizzurro, Jordan Nolan, Ryan Gaston and Stephen Swires (SteveUK of Modular Combat).

On May 23rd, 2009 there was a Podcast17 initiated developer question and commenting event whereby players and developers joined in a communal server where players asked questions and offered suggestions to the developers. Stratofarius, the community leader for Podcast17 was hosting the event and recorded the results.



The modification is often criticized for "borrowing" other content like models and maps from other developers (with permissions/rights). The developers have since stated that they are working towards phasing out all borrowed content in future releases. It is also known for the community-based despise for its very generic and "uninspiring" name which does not help the fact that it needs to stand out in a very "zombie" saturated market within the Half-Life community.

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