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Wetworks Entertainment Inc. was a gaming service and community enabling registrants to participate in scheduled tournaments where they can win money and prizes. Originally set-up with Half-Life Deathmatch in mind, Wetworks Entertainment was also considering to host tournaments for any other first person shooter game as well. The website and service was founded by Frank Redlin (also known as [1RZ] DANE) in January, 2009.

Wetworks Entertainment had a strong focus on keeping the Half-Life Deathmatch gaming and clan scene alive and also to make illegal Half-Life owners buy a legit copy of the game, rather than a pirated version which has increased in popularity.


As of May, 2010 (and possibly sooner), Frank Redlin changed the focus of the website and service to an adult dating focus with the following message being posted as an announcement:

ATTENTION: Wetworks Entertainment will no longer be conducting gaming tournaments or be involved with the gaming community due to circumstances beyond our control. The site will be closed to users for a few weeks while we prepare for the new format. Special thanks to all of the players that made our three tournament events a blast! We will be glad to frag with you again at the [1RZ] clan server (OZ Mod). The server info can be found at http://www.1rzunitedclan.com

Incomplete Tournaments

There was to be a XDM Deathmatch match scheduled at the end of June, 2009 and hosted by the -|[AGD]|- clan; however, was never fully planned or finalized.

Completed Tournaments

Half-Life Deathmatch, Oz Deathmatch, May 16th, 2009


  • 1st Place ($250 Prize): [SSA] Legendary_Agitator
  • 2nd Place ($60 Prize): TaRgEt*TuRkEy
  • 3rd Place ($45 Prize): [1RZ] X-51
  • 4th Place ($35 Prize): [1RZ] Itch
  • 5th Place ($30 Prize): Lucian
  • 6th Place ($20 Prize): [1RZ] prosthetic Head
  • 7th Place ($15 Prize): etak
  • 8th Place ($12 Prize): [1RZ] Sexy Poison
  • 9th Place ($12 Prize): [1RZ] DANE
  • 10th Place ($12 Prize): F4T4L!TY
  • 11th Place ($10 Prize): [1RZ] BIG GUN
  • 12th Place ($10 Prize): <ACR> Skull_Thumper
  • 13th Place ($8 Prize): =OoZ= junkaroo
  • 14th Place ($8 Prize): -[AGC]- MDX
  • 15th Place ($8 Prize): <ACR> HotOleMama

Half-Life Deathmatch, Severian's Mod, April 11th, 2009


  • 1st Place ($60 Prize): [1RZ] Legendary_Agitator
  • 2nd Place ($25 Prize): TaRgEt*TuRkEy
  • 3rd Place ($15 Prize): [1RZ] DANE