View from the top of the storage bunker from an Alaskan terrorist map

U.S. Rangers, abbreviated USAR was a Half-Life modification in development throughout 2000 mostly during July and August. The modification was later renamed to Tactical Operations due to expression limitations with the previous name. It was to be a tactical team based modification about the U.S. Ranger military division.

Many weapons were planned and many were finished production at the time of the rename. As well, a few maps were also nearly completed and a beta version of the FDG and texture file (.wad) were released to the public via their website. The modification was detailed and reported about four separate times on Planet Half-Life among other Half-Life news websites at the time, mostly describing updates about weapon screenshots.



  • Luke Sturgeon aka DarkLocus - Leader, Programmer, 2D Art, website, and Levels.
  • Kenny McWilliams aka LIMPBIZKIT - Models and 2D Art.
  • Eric Preston aka Shroom - 3D Modeler, Skins, Textures, Sprites.


Small portion of the website's screenshot page

A website was set up early in development to showcase news and host a forum for community members to discuss the modification. Originally, the website was hosted with under spaceports, but later moved to The first entry on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine shows the original website before the renaming; however most of the sites graphics are broken. The website describes information about the modification including weapon details, mapping, and team information.



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