The one and only media release for The Gunfighters

The Gunfighters was an old western Half-Life 2 modification in development by Macadamia briefly around June, 2004.

The modification was set to have three teams: The Lawmen, The Outlaws, and The Indians. Each team has three classes for players to choose and plays. Objectives included escaping from jail, robbing banks, and capture the flag style gameplay. There was plans to implement special class abilities.

Development on the modification lasted only months and subsequently, Macadamia stopped all production. Only one screenshot was released showing a custom axe model with the player looking out into a casino-style lounge. Reportedly there might have been a playable alpha release as commented on the ModDB page. The sceeenshot released looks to be made in the GoldSrc (Half-Life) engine rather than through the [[Source] engine using Half-Life 2 as described.


Original description as supplied by the author via ModDB:

The Gunfighters is an Old West style mod with three teams, the Lawmen, the Outlaws, and the Indians. Each team has three classes for players to choose and play. There are objectives such as blowing out a jail or robbing a bank, as well as more traditional flag areas. We try to keep the balance by adding special abilities to classes while still keeping the guns and weapons realistic. The style of the game is of old spaghetti westerns, so our big goal is to have huge gunfights with dozens of rounds fired rather than have any weapons that do massive damage or are very accurate

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