The Emotional Left 4 Dead Tribute

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The Emotional Left 4 Dead Tribute is a fan created video released on January 15th, 2009 and created by "Appleball". The video features over 5 minutes of full motion gameplay, still shots and other captures all composed together using a fade to black transition between scenes. The video has sound effects but are lowered considerably to give main focus the the emotional female vocalist song "Run" by Leona Lewis which plays throughout the video.

The creator of the video is often referred to as a girl most likely because of the dramatic and female vocalists he or she uses in this and other videos. It is unclear at this time if the creator is in fact a female or male considering the fair amount of criticism over the content and intention. The video, hosted on YouTube has also had large criticism over the amount of views based on misleading tags assigned to the video.



Description text as posted by the author:

"This is my emotional tribute to the popular first person zombie shooter, Left 4 Dead by Valve. This game to many is just a simplistic mass shooter, but in my opinion the game can be very deep bearing messages of love, hatred, damnation, salvation, brotherhood and the possible future of mankind. I hope this springs up a few thoughts in you when you watch."