Team Fortress 2 - Meet the Batman

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Team Fortress 2 - Meet the Batman is a Team Fortress 2 video created by riDDimann and released on October 3rd, 2008 under BONK! Productions.

This is the first video released under BONK! Productions, as such, in the introduction, the video is first labeled as "LOLOLOL We Don't Have A Name Productions", then as soon as the scout says "BONK!", BONK! Productions appears - giving a meaning to the name. The video features the scout as the "Batman", referencing it to the 1960's Batman television series intro song. "Meet the Batman" itself is a reference to the "Meet the..." class videos released periodically by Valve. It shows the player, riDDimann, killing multiple opponents using only the scout's melee attack, the bat, supporting the name "Meet the Batman".