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Team Fortress 2 - Law Abiding Engineer is a fan-made machinima video combining Team Fortress 2 character within the "Law Abiding Citizen" movie trailer. It was released on March 31st and created by OneMoreUser. The video has been featured and mentioned on hundreds of sites including Kotaku, launching it into viral video territory where it has to date received more than 1,165,000 views.

The video combines Team Fortress 2 characters superimposed over the actual real-life actors in the trailer; however, only certain characters have been changed, creating a surreal juxtaposition between real people and the characters. The popularity of the video is played much in part due to the overwhelming production quality as many commentators and editors have pointed out. With the popularity of the video came a stream of edits, re-uploads (by other users), spoofs and more

On April 1st, 2010, OneMoreUser uploaded a side-by-side comparison video on to YouTube for interested fans of the video.


Comparison Video