TF2 Scout Advertises the Slap Chop

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TF2 Scout Advertises the Slap Chop is a YouTube video mash-up using an infomercial for the "Slap Chop" and soundbites from Team Fortress 2. It was created by CastingOutTheSelf and released on May 3rd, 2009. The video features mostly sound voices from the Scout as well as some other classes at the end.

Many people have noted that the host resembles the Scout in many ways (including the microphone and hand gestures) and as such, videos begin appearing using clips from Team Fortress 2 and the infomercial. Although this isn't the first video using the idea, it was the first implementation of using only Team Fortress 2 sounds as well as establishing large media coverage from sites such as Kotaku and Planet Half-Life.


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