TF2 Heavy Sells Kaboom

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TF2 Heavy Sells Kaboom is a YouTube video mash-up using commercials for "Kaboom" and soundbites from Team Fortress 2. It was created by splininka on May 14th, 2009 and is a video response to TF2 Scout Advertises the Slap Chop, a similar video.

Featured in the video is the recently deceased, Billy Mays showcasing Kaboom, a spray cleaning product. Over top of various clips of the commercials is voice sound effects by the Heavy class from Team Fortress 2. Much like TF2 Scout Advertises the Slap Chop, the video syncs and matches clips with the relevant (or semi-relevant) voicings and to some extent works better in this video as the Heavy in fact says "Kaboom" in the game. The video also makes use of one sound clip from the Meet the Heavy video from Valve.


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