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Sven Co-op is a team based player versus monster Half-Life modification originally released publicly on January 19th, 1999 (v.0.8). The game was originally developed by Danial Fearon (Sven Viking) as a small mod with small assortment of maps but eventually grew with each new release as did the Sven Co-op the team.

The modifications comprehensively adds all monsters and weapons to the players disposal that appeared through the whole Half-Life 1 series including Half-Life: Opposing Force and Half-Life: Blue Shift. As of version 4.0 of the modification, several weapon changes have occurred including new skins and sounds removing itself from the original Half-Life series. Several additions to the monsters and weapon line-up have been expanded upon as well with the inclusion the Baby Gargantua and some unique items were also added such as the Uzis.

During the early development stages, the title "SvenCoop" was given to the modification, eventually it was changed to "Sven Co-op", presumably to avoid pronunciation confusion. The current version of Sven Co-op is 4.0.7 which was released May 15th, 2009.


There has been much criticism over the newest releases (v.4.0+) not only because it heavily modified the game mechanics and play style, but also because people were hoping that they would have pushed development into (the now canceled project) Sven Co-op 2, which was slated to be the sequel and use the Source engine.

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