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StompFest is a gaming community dedicated to a variety of Half-Life and Source based games originally started in 1998. StompFest hosts a number servers for games including Day of Defeat: Source, Counter-Strike: Source, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch and Team Fortress 2.


StompFest LAN

StompFest LAN is a gaming event where gamers that are part of the community (and some that are not) come together and play in a sponsored tournament with prizes. There has been two of such events thus far including one on September 25, 2006 and one on March 29, 2008. Sponsors to the StompFest LAN have included OCZ Technology, fUnc Inustries, Ageia, Palit Multimedia and TechSkills.


The official StompFest website acts mainly as a forum, but also as an information portal. Donations to to the community are publicly listed and top subscribers (those who have donated) are reserved special placement. Donations are used to maintain both the site and the servers, but also for the StompFest LAN events and give-aways. Subscribers gain various benefits including reserved slots on all StompFest servers. Statistics for almost all of the servers are also listed for users to view.

Since 1998, the website has gone through four major layout changes, with the current layout being introduced in August 2005; however both layout/color and forum upgrades have been performed since that time.

Servers ::CSS:: [100tic] stats|bet|FF ::TF2:: Fast Respawn [HLSTATSX] ::TF2:: 2Fort - 24/7 Fast Respawn [HLSTATSX] ::TF2:: Instant Respawn [HLSTATSX] ::TF2:: Stock Respawn[HLSTATSX] ::DoDS:: 24/7 Avalanche/Donner/Flash [HLstatsX] ::Zombie Panic:: Stock

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