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Sminky Productions was a Half-Life modification team that were creating a "truly original mod". The team was active during 2001 and were mentioned five separate times on Planet Half-Life.



The team was only known to begin development on an untitled project and modification that centered around a kid called Ike. It was to be played in third-person (at most times) and was to feature a lot of movies, or scripted sequences. The overall premise of the modification was to allow you to earn tickets to watch these, mainly humorous, scripted sequences in the in-game environment.

The project was originally called "Sminky HL" but was later unnamed until they thought of a different title; however, it was never released and no new name was created. It was being developed on the Half-Life engine, even though the project leader, NovemberRain (presumably), labeled the engine as "outdated" on their website. On October 2nd 2001, it was mentioned on Planet Half-Life that the development team was working on an "alien themed map".


  • NovemberRain - Team Leader, Skinning, Mapping
  • Bomberman - Team Leader, Skinning, Modeling, Animation
  • Jourdain - Web/Ideas Guy
  • Longbow - Web/Ideas Guys


Sminky Productions homepage screenshot

The website was launched in May of 2001. The website features news, media, team, and about us sections as well as a public forum. A re-designed version of the website was launched in October, 2001; however, not much was added and by the end of October, all development had ceased. The last update to the website was October 21st, 2001.

The original message board and forum was launched on May 8th as posted on Planet Half-Life. The forum is no longer accessible and no working archives were made as it was on a separate hosting service.

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