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ReUnited10_0 overview

ReUnited10_0 (reunited10_0.bps) is a Half-Life Deathmatch map created by DocRock for BabyKitkat. ReUnited10_0 is an earlier (beta) version of ReUnited. Notable differences from the final version include very poor lighting compilation, texture overlaps, and some minor pick-up changes.

ReUnited is a tribute map for BabyKitkat and was "In memory of the first map we played where we fell in love" which is a text message that appears often throughout play. Another message included in the map is "I'm forever yours, Karen. I love you. Ron", a reference to their real names. ReUnited is one of DocRock's first maps. The map contains five spawn points in total. The map is fairly small and consists of an inner area, an outer (center) area, and an above section which features a bunker with a rocket launcher turret. The strange blue lighting that appears in the map was later fixed in the final version to show a much darker and appropriate lighting scheme.

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