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Still frame of the video showing interactivity of teleportation device

Project Natal for Half-Life 2 is video that was released on December 29th, 2009 supposedly showing gameplay of Half-Life 2 using Microsoft's new motion controller project, "Natal". The video has bee criticized for its very blurry and dark atmosphere leading to the assumption that it is fake rather than being a true leaked beta or alpha test for Half-Life 2 and Natal. The video gameplay takes place in Dr. Kleiner's laboratory, near the start of Half-Life 2.

Microsoft has officially responded to the leaked video stating that "They do not comment on rumor and speculation". The video made its rounds through various sharing sites like Digg and reddit as well was posted on Gizmodo, although has been since taken down.


The participant in the video uses hand and arm gestures to control every action in the game. His left hand controls fine-motion and his right arm aims the camera, while the left grabs the view and shifts it in smaller increments. It has been theorized that he is moving backwards and forwards using his left hand while it is not in the view of the camera. Near the end of the clip he presses the button on the teleportation device thrusting his left hand forward as if physically pressing the button.


One of the most viewed versions of the uploaded video on YouTube: