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Showing the term players used to describe the amount of people on a given team in Counter-Strike (9 Terrorist Players)
(2)Player, the third "Player" to join the server with the same name, playing Counter-Strike
Showcasing players playing on a server
Showcasing players playing on a server (as shown from the Steam interface)

As a general term, a player can be used to describe somebody that "plays". Most commonly in context to gaming, a player will play video games, in other words, that player is a participant within the game. In Half-Life, the term player is used frequently and commonly in naming structures. It is also used as a standardized term for those who have not set a name, or have not edited the default name which is "Player" in the Half-Life engine, also referred to as the GoldSrc engine.

Half-Life Engine

Player is most noticeably used in the Half-Life (GoldSrc) engine as a default or standard name used to describe a player. It is used in all modifications unless otherwise set by the developers. For instance, Player is the default name in Half-Life Deathmatch, Counter-Strike, and Natural Selection; however, in the modification Science and Industry, the default player name was changed to "Intern" as set by the modification developers.

Since many players just starting a new multilayer game or modification will not change their name before entering their first game(s), they may play with others doing the same causing a multiple same name issue. Since, Half-Life will automatically add "(x)" in front of duplicate names within the server (where x is a cumulative number above the highest), Many instances arise where the name "(1)Player" or "(2)Player" are common. This standardization has been abused, where players will purposely name themselves as "(9)Player" or other higher numbers as a parody to the system.

In Half-Life 2 (or in the Source engine), this standard has been changed to "unnamed" rather than "Player".

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