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Planet Half-Life website screenshot as seen on February 17th, 2010

Planet Half-Life, abbreviated as "PHL" is a website dedicated to Half-Life and Valve news with articles dating back to late April, 1998 (from when the site was named Contaminated); however, was officially launched (or re-launched) on April 27th, 1999. It was originally founded by Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen and is now one of largest sites of GameSpy network and subsequently, the Planet Network. The website is owned by IGN and its subsidiary GameSpy and is maintained by a group of voluntary writers and contributors.


Current Staff

Planet Half-Life is run by a staff of unpaid volunteers and has been shortly after its inception. New staff must undergo application process and trial period. Over the years, close to one hundred separate staff members have written for or somehow contributed to Planet Half-Life.

Senior Staff

  • Alex "ACPaco" Capriole, Staff Writer, Forum Moderator
  • John "Chief" Phillips, Site Director, News Editor, Staff Writer, Forum Moderator

Junior Staff

  • Stephen "Aratos" Whitehead, Forum Moderator
  • Dennis "Golgotha" Goldsmith, Staff Writer
  • Ian "eulogy" Norton, Staff Writer

Previous Staff Members

  • Joel "Discrate" Moore, Staff Writer, News Editor
  • Thomas "Editor321" Rogers, Staff Writer
  • Steve "nopk" Finch, Staff Writer, POTD Manager
  • David Merrit, News Editor


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