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Pixel was a website dedicated to Half-Life map reviews focusing more on single-player maps, but branched into Half-Life Deathmatch, Team Fortress Classic, and Opposing Force map reviews as well. It was founded by Pixel and launched August 21st, 1999. Before full site inactivity, Pixel had written over 50 reviews.

The website was mentioned at least three times on Planet Half-Life:

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine's archive only contains one functioning page of the website dating back to November 27th, 1999 and all subsequent entries are 2003 or later at which point, the site was already taken down.


On October 8th, 1999, Pixel launched a new design for their site as well as adding functionality for user comments on maps. On March 19th or 20th, the website crashed, losing all user map submissions. It was later posted on Planet Half-Life for users to re-submit any map submissions they had submitted previously (if it had not already been reviewed). On December 5th, Pixel switched hosts and opened up an Opposing Force map review section; however no map reviews were ever added to this set of sections. August 30th, 2000 is known to be the last posting date.

Sometime after February of 2001, the site was suspended due to inactivity.


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