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Phillip Marlowe

Phillip Marlowe is prominent member of the Half-Life community and has been involved in it shortly after the original Half-Life was released. Most notably, is Phillip's site, PlanetPhillip which was started in 2003 mostly for Half-Life modifications and maps, but has since become more expansive, showcasing many single-player third-party content for all Valve games.

Phillip is known for strictly being dedicated to single-player experiences in video games, but even more exclusively related to the Half-Life universe.


Phillip was once a co-host of Podcast17, since then he has made quite a few special guest appearances on the podcast; however, is not considered a host anymore due to lack of time. Phillip was heavily involved with the original concept and inception of the Podcast17 project with William "CubicVirtuoso" McMahon.

Valve Community

Valve Community was once a website dedicated to showcasing all websites related to the Valve community, meaning websites related in any way to any game Valve has ever released, even including the communities and groups (like forums and clan websites). Phillip was the main contributor, developer and maintainer of the website which originally launched in 2008. Due to lack of time to dedicate to the project, Phillip closed the site down in late December, 2009.

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