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Clan header/logo as shown on the website

Oners United Clan, tagged as [1RZ] is a Half-Life Deathmatch clan with a focus on Oz Deathmatch. The clan runs a Oz Half-Life Deathmatch server entitled [1RZ] Deathmatch FFA Oz Server. Oners United Clan is maintained by [1RZ] clan leader, [1RZ] DANE (aka Frank Redlin) who also owns and runs Wetworks Entertainment. The clan first started in September, 2008 and is currently still active.


The clan's website is currently running on MKPortal CMS software and was first launched on March 27th, 2009. Description excerpt from the official clan website:

Oners United Clan is a FPS Clan dedicated to good times, hard drinking, bong toking, frag festing over indulgence. We are individuals first and foremost, and united in our individualism. You will find a host of opinions on many subjects here, as well as some things that you may not agree with. But that should not stop you from adding your two sense worth. Our rules in our forum are simple: Don't step on anyone else' right to free speech, and keep it respectful. If you can hang with that, sign up and post all you like...or just read what others have said for the entertainment value.

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