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ODD Bot was a relatively short lived bot plugin for Team Fortress Classic, Front Line Force and Half-Life Deathmatch created by Brendan McCarthy (aka spyro), released on November 27th, 2000. The last and final version 1.8.1 was released on June 6th, 2001. The original code is based off of Botman's HPB Bot template. It is notable for being one of the first bots supporting the Front Line Force mod. The bot plugin did not use Metamod, but instead called its own custom .DLL from liblist.gam, which was automatically set up running the batch installer supplied for the given modification you wanted to install for.

On December 12th, 2004, Pierre-Marie Baty created a "quick and dirty" port of the plugin to run on Metamod rather than stand-alone, making it possible to run the plugin on Steam. On December 13th, 2004, a day later, a new version was released to fix two crashing bugs, one concerning bot chatting. This version, entitled "1.8.1mm release 2" also now comes with the complete source code.


Below is a complete changelog of every update and change through 11 different versions (including the first release) spanning from November 27th, 2000 to June 6th, 2001.

Version History
* Made bot build dispensers again
* Bots know how much health dispenser has left
* Fixed the 'glass' bug
* Fixed a bug in the navigation system where a bot would wait for an item to respawn, instead of looking elsewhere

* New navigation system, the bots now use Multi-Goal A* to navigate
* Added radio commands to Front-Line Force:
	Cover Me - Bots in the area follow you
	I need backup - Bots will come to your position
	Go Go! - Bots will stop following you
* The bots will respond to your commands via the radio
* Bots now respond immediatly to commands in TFC
* Bots now play reverse CTF maps correctly
* Added guard and sniper points to the map scripting system
* Added a SameAs option to the scripting system
* Added a "bot_message_debug" cvar to print messages that the bots receive to the console
* Added a "bot_script" cvar to allow you to disable scripting when editing waypoints. You should type resart after changing the value of this to have any effect.
* Included waypoint and script file for cornfield
* Fixed a bug where reloading caused bots to forget they were fighting
* Fixed a bug where the bots didn't know that backpacks had health in them
* Miscellanious other fixes
* Other stuff I can't remember

* Linux dedicated server Beta Release
* Added jump waypoints
* Added ammo waypoints
* Bots now know what is in back-packs, and will only pick them up when necessary
* Added a waypoint scripting system. Allows you to change the tags on a waypoint when an event occurs
* Fixed crash associated with demomen
* Re-Enabled HL-DM support
* Updated waypoint converter to work with new HPB bot waypoints

* Fixed some minor bugs in 1.6


* Completly re-designed weapon usage
* User-Customisabe bot weapon preferences. see readme.txt for details
* Other minor fixes

* Fixed Spy recognition bug introduced by the new patch
* Added the ability for spy bots to go undercover
* new console command 'bot_command' allows the owner of a listen server to give any bot a command
* No more duplicate names. Added CVar bot_random_names to support this
* Added the ability to update, if you just want the new version without orver-writing your old files

* Added lift support. The bots will now wait at lifts and use them when available
* Added support for odd_default.cfg that is executed everytime a new map is loaded
* Added 'exec_default' command to support the above item
* Demoman now uses the pipebomb launcher
* Pyros will not use the flamer on each other
* The ODD bot now works on avanti-style maps (avanti and cornfield)
* The waypoint-and-item-circling bug is well and truly gone :) (thanks Michael)
* Engineers will build sentries after the first round of epicenter
* Added the new Front Line Force weapons
* Fixed Sniper point choosing
* Many other things that I can't remember

* Added "bot_balance" cvar to make the bots try to even teams when they join
* Bots rejoin game after map changes
* Bots only try to grab their own teams flag ammo pack
* Fixed the circling waypoint bug
* Fixed "dispenser stacking"
* Numerous other bug fixes
* Added map specific bot .cfg files
* A dedicated server can now add bots
* You can now name you bots when you create them
* Fixed joining if an invalid team or class is specified
* Fixed bots not pressing buttons

* Bots are now fooled by disguised spies
* Fixed Waypoint Following Bug
* Demobots use Detpacks
* Improved Ammopack Pickup
* Added a waypoint converter to convert HPB Bot version 4 wayoints to ODD Bot waypoints
* Improved Guarding of Capture Points in Front Line Force
* Added 2 new waypoint types: detpack and lift

* Engineers now upgrade sentries
* Engineers build dispensers
* Bots use dispensers
* Bots use grenades in TFC
* Bots can talk
* New waypoint file format. Can still read the 1.0 files and saves them as 1.1
* Fixed unstuck code
* Fixed sentry building bugs
* Fixed point capturing bugs
* Fixed 'backflipping' on ladders in Front Line Force
* Fixed movement speeds in TFC
* In Front Line Force scouts will now always choose the rifle, and support will always choose the mk23
* Bots choose assault class more often
* Lots of other fixes

First Release

Below are changes in the changelog created by Pierre-Marie Baty.

1.8.1mm release 2 (of december 13, 2004)
* Tidied up the port a bit. Fixed the bot chat crash bug. Fixed another crash bug. The bot should work 100% as expected now.

* Quick and dirty port to Steam and [[Metamod|metamod]] by Pierre-Marie Baty from Bots United (http://forums.bots-united.com).

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