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NetLANdGaming (complete current name is "NetLANdGaming SC 3.0 *FAST XP*") is a dedicated server for the Half-Life modification Sven Co-op. The server name is sometimes shortened or referred to as "NetLANd". It has a very large database of custom maps that are cycled through rotation. It uses version 17.0 of the popular SCXPM (Sven Cooperative Experience Mod) plugin for AMX Mod X. It also has a high multiplier for gaining experience, hence the "FAST XP" part of its name. #NetLANd is their official IRC channel under



  • JigglyMuff
  • Mad Max RW
  • Joshman33
  • 5teven

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Previous Server Names

  • NetLANdGaming SC 3.0 *FAST XP*

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