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Left 4k Dead is a fan created game mimicking the gameplay of Valve's zombie co-op shooter, Left 4 Dead. It was created by Markus Persson completely using Java for the 2009 Java 4k Competition, a contest that challenges programmers to program a game under 4KB in size. It was released on December 22nd, 2008 a long with its source code.

Left 4k Dead Screenshot

The game is only similar to Left 4 Dead in that it is based on or inspired on the general concept rather than mimicking Left 4 Dead's game mechanics. Some mechanics have remained the same though such as dark rooms light by flashlight, randomly generated zombies and pick-ups, a pistol as a secondary weapon, and grainy screen filters.


Contrary to many top-down games, you do not move forward based on your direction, rather you use WASD keys to move in their respective directions and move your mouse to look around. You press the left mouse button to fire and press R to reload you weapon. If you are out of ammo or do not reload, you switch to your pistol which is not automatic (meaning you will have to tap your fire button repeatedly). Yellow power-ups restore your primary ammunition and red power-ups restore your health. The point multiplier goes up each level you beat.

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