Kingdom Lost Logo

Kingdom Lost was a multi-player Half-Life 2 modification in development from August 2004, onwards on to sometime in early 2006 where the project was retired due to management issues.

Kingdom Lost was planned to center around two teams vying for control of a map in either capture the flag, kill the most, or any number of other goals. As stated in the about us section on the official website, the goal for the project was to fuse the re-playable action of FPS games like Counter-Strike with the team and unit managing action of an RTS game like Warcraft 3, finally topped off with the rewarding experience of an RPG like Diablo 2.


Much of the modification's development started before Half-Life 2 was released where team members created content such as 3d artwork, 2d artwor,k and sound design to be later implemented within the Half-Life 2 engine when it was released.


The website officially launched on August, 16th, 2004 and eventually went back to a temporary page in January of 2005, showcasing a new logo with links to the IRC channel, the forums, and a contact link. The forums were fairly successful with a decent user base and many updates on assets for the game.