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Illustration of Kevin Bowen as used on his official website

Kevin Bowen, also known as "Fragmaster" is the founder of one of the most successful third-party Half-Life websites, Planet Half-Life. Besides Planet Half-Life fame, Kevin is also known for writing on many other websites, including being the Community Editorial Manager at IGN and taking part in several non-Half-Life projects. He currently lives in Astoria, New York and is approximately 30 years old.

Kevin launched his first Half-Life fan site called, in April, 1998, but on April 27th, 1999 he re-launched it as Planet Half-Life. It quickly took off and became the most popular source for Half-Life related news. While working at Planet Half-Life, Kevin also created and released several maps for Half-Life Deathmatch and Action Half-Life.


Something Awful

Kevin has written and participated in hundreds of articles and series on Something Awful, two of which mention Half-Life. Those articles as follows:

I don't particularly want to start writing about videogames again anytime soon, since I did that for the past four years and all it's gotten me is a wussy out-of-shape deformed body, a lack of social skills, and an encyclopedic knowledge of totally useless crap. Like who programmed the "Pac-Man" Atari 2600 port and the proper order of entities and triggers needed to cause a "Half-Life" scientist to say "WANNA SEE SOMETHIN' NEAT?!" before jumping off a roof to his death in a custom map.
Anyway, we worked together at GameSpy while Lowtax was running PQ. As I recall, work consisted of watching a lot of Pokemon and MST3K while flaming each other publicly in the PQ and Planet Half-Life mailbags. Ah, those were the days.

Kevin began writing on Something Awful in 2001 and ceased in late 2008. He was the second contributor/editor to the site besides Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka which he knew from when they worked at Planet Quake together.


Kevin wrote quite a few articles in late 2002 and throughout 2003 on GameSpy, mostly in the popular "Top 10" series. Some articles were Half-Life related; however, most were not. Articles that are Half-Life related as written by Kevin Bowen in the GameSpy archive:


Kevin Bowen's profile as originally posted on's "Bios" page:

Title: Unknown
Years in the Industry: 6
Favorite Platform: PC
Favorite Genres: FPS, Action
Known Aliases: K-Dog, Fragmaster, Cakewalk, Barnyard Freddy, The Cheeser
Hobbies: Demonstrating lack of social skills, pissing people off, DVDs, racquetball
Links: Top Ten Reasons RPGs Suck, Top Ten Worst Covers, Top Ten Atari Arcade Games, Top Ten Terrible Fan Fictions

This gangly, bird-like creature has been associated with GameSpy on and off for over six years, starting off as the first Site Director of PlanetQuake before moving on to set up sites like ClassicGaming, PlanetHalfLife, and the now deceased PlanetDreamcast and PlanetPS2. Currently, he does various GameSpy Network things, runs PlanetHalfLife, heads up PlanetUnreal, and contributes to on a scattershot basis.

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