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Joker, formally known as the [JOKER] Clan, was a Opposing Force and Counter-Strike clan that was active in 2001. Most if not all members were from the United States.

The clan's leader was SUPERMAN; however, Luth was put in to charge when SUPERMAN left to serve in the Airforce for six months. It is unclear as to what happened after SUPERMAN left as the website was never updated again after SUPERMAN's leaving message that was posted. The clan is credited with the creation of a model entitled "The JoKeR" as well as the Opposing Force map, "Snipe_2" which was created by muffinman.



[JOKER] Clan Home Page as of August 7th, 2001

The [JOKER] website contained news, member lists, message boards, a mission statement, contacts, a calendar, links, screenshots and downloads. The last news posting was posted on August 7th, 2001, in which the clan leader, SUPERMAN, said he was leaving everything in charge to Luth until he got back, which would be in six months.

Member List

Opposing Force Members

  • SUPERMAN (Leader)
  • Luth
  • Cosmo
  • Elian
  • Needle
  • Kontagus
  • muffinman
  • Killer
  • Cynnical
  • Sabin

Counter-Strike Members

  • SUPERMAN (Leader)
  • gReddy
  • MaD-sKiLLz

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