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Screenshot of Half-Life Hockey League as viewed on November 10th, 2000

Half-Life Hockey League was a website hosted on Planet Half-Life that featured Half-Life skins and models of various hockey players for use in Half-Life Deathmatch. The website launched in July, 2000 by "Fritz Von Erik" and was active only for a short time after. In November, 2002, the website was shut down, presumably due to inactivity.

The website contained skins for many famous and current hockey players from the NHL including Pavel Bure, Mario Lemieux and Mark Messier. The site also eventually begin using a message board where you could post your skin requests to Fritz Von Erik; however was not used much.


Half-Life Hockey League was mentioned in an online publication titled "Gaming the System: What Higher Education Can Learn from Multiplayer Online Worlds" by J.C. Herz, stating:

In some cases, game skins become cult phenomena unto themselves. Witness the Half-Life Hockey League (http://www.planethalflife.com/hockey/), a labor of love by one very dedicated aficionado, who has modeled the entire National Hockey League (current stars and past legends) as a roster of Half-Life characters. Not only can you replace Half-Life’s generic soldier character with Mario Lemieux, but it’s also possible to recast a multiplayer death match as an Eastern Conference face-off between the Boston Bruins and the New York Rangers. Mark Messier and Ken Belanger, running down the halls with automatic weapons, out for blood. . . .

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