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Half-Life 2: All sounds replaced with my voice is a user created Half-Life 2 video and modification wherby (almost) all sounds from Half-Life 2 are replaced with human-made noises. It was created by -Trase- (also known as Patcher and Tr45e) and released on September 17th, 2009.

The creator has claimed the sounds were not edited after production, they were clipped and inserted as the game's sound files. He also states that he has not replaced the following: ambient noises like wind, some zombie voices, character voices, and possibly some other non-primary sounds. In total, 1327 sound files were created.



The download contains 1327 sound files and is 117.03 MB compressed. You may download the file from Garry's Mod .org:


To install from the download file, put the "Sound" folder in the game you want, for example:

  • Steam/steamapps/youraccountname/Half-Life 2/hl2 - for Half-Life
  • Steam/steamapps/youraccountname/Garrysmod/garrysmod - for Garry's Mod