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Half-Life: Pre Disaster

Half-Life: Pre Disaster was a Half-Life modification that was never released, being developed by chickenfist during 2005. The project was never finished and the source files have since been lost; however, some of the maps were later re-purposed and packaged in another one of the author's side projects entitled ChickenMix 2.

The concept behind Half-Life: Pre Disaster, is you are an employee at the Black-Mesa research facility, before the "incident" occurs as referred to in its title. The modification introduces various quest scenarios whereby your colleagues will give you quests and you can complete them for various rewards.


Summary as supplied by the author:

You are Thomas Johnson, pointless employee without cause at the Black-Mesa research facility, somewhere in Neverland. You are a lazy scum, but you'll do anything for money. Your colleagues use that to make you do stuff for them. HL:PD will feature a completely new type of gameplay: mini-quests. Your colleagues will give you a quest, you complete it and get money and other rewards. With the money you can buy weapons, health and upgrades. It will have 3 areas, when you have completed all the quests in one area you will be able to proceed to the next.

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