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Sudden Death's outside area

HLDM3 Sudden Death (hldm3_sudden_death.bsp) is a Half-Life Deathmatch map made by Toohr Vyk and released on November 11th, 2000. The map is small and contains only 8 player spawns. The map is very detailed, contains ambient sounds, good lighting and some unique effects.

This map was Toohr Vyk's 11th release for Half-Life Deathmatch and only took him two days to create. In the readme supplied with the map, Vyk mentions that his next map would be a 1vs1 map called "HLDM4_VOID"; however, it was never released.


hldm3_sudden_death.doc as included with the map:

HLDM3_SUDDEN_DEATH by Toohr Vyk (victor_nicol@hotmail.com)

This is the third map from the « saga » (actually, it’s my eleventh map, but most of them were jerk). Some information about my map:

Name: Sudden Death
Location: Haven’t decided yet.
Style: I call this style « Concrete Alien ».
Type: Half-Life Deathmatch and Teamplay

Time spent: 2 days
Made from: NOTHING (not even a draft)
Known bugs: The voice played when you pick up THE weapons (egon, tau, rpg) only plays once for each weapon. Dunno how I can fix it…

Other notes: In the outside area with the RPG, I manages a sort of « mirror effect » on the water. Check it out.

Wait for my next map (better than this one), 1vs1, HLDM4_VOID !

Any feedback is welcome! 
Remember: victor_nicol@hotmail.com