HHA Palace of Worship

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Facade of the cathedral or church

HHA Palace of Worship (hha_palace_of_worship.bsp) is a Half-Life Deathmatch map modified and released by "@=Soul^^Asylum=@". It was based upon an existing map; however, the original version of this map was not known to have been released and the creator is of it is unknown.


The map takes place inside and outside of a cathedral or church of sorts. There is several green teleporters which take you to other areas of the map; however, the teleporters are one-way only and will not work going in the opposite way. The main room, which contains a large amount of spawn points, features several stained glass windows depicting nude females. Considering the name of the map, this imagery may seem odd, or fitting, depending how you take the meaning of the word "worship". The map contains these and other custom textures and are embedded into the .bsp file.