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H.A.V.E. Online is an upcoming third-person online multi-player shooter being developed by the Korean company, SK iMedia. It is to be released in the third quarter of 2009.

It gained controversy when the released trailer was noticed to resemble Team Fortress 2 aesthetic, character, and weapon design. Several large gaming sites, such as Kotaku covered the similarities in-depth. Several connections have been made from the trailer's gameplay to Team Fortress 2. One of the most compelling arguments for it being a "rip-off" is in the trailer, a fast moving character wielding a metal bat, double jumps in the air which is a complete description for Team Fortress 2's Scout character. While others argue that Team Fortress 2 is not unique itself and that it takes elements from other games as well. Due to the negative reception of the game, it has been referred to as an "embarrassment" to Korea's video gaming industry.

The developers, SK iMedia who previously refused to comment on the likeness, released the following statement:

"Debating (as to if it's a rip off or not) is like having blind men touching an elephant and describing what it looks like," said SK iMedia. "We will reveal the gameplay soon. Other than that, we have no comment at this time."


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