Gang Garrison 2 Changelog

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The Gang Garrison 2 Changelog was officially started and released with beta 38. Since then it has been released with the package as "ChangeLog.txt".

Here is the ChangeLog.txt as supplied by the authors:

Change Log

Fixed healer's points for healing not being reset between maps.
Fixed infiltrator's chat bubbles not fading out.

Fixed bug when joining a game pre-existing mines that did damage would cause an error report.
TENTATIVELY fixed bug causing sentry turrets to not have a defined owner.
Infiltrator's stab attack now keeps the direction of when it was initiated.
Fixed bug where infiltrator's stab attack would not have the same coordinates as the infiltrator.
Infiltrator is now invisible if stabbing from behind players.
Added points for the healer (1 point per 250 health healed).
Changed sentry gun shooting speed from 18 to 20, damage from 9 to 10, and range from 350 to 375.
[[Player|Player]] scores are now reset again after changing maps.
Healers heal other healers at half the rate of other players.

Added stab attack for Infiltrator (left click while cloaked)
Added Horizontal team doors
Changed rocket speed from 4 to 10.
Added Curly Brace as blu team's secret character.
Added bubbler weapon to Quote/Curly Brace. (Primary)
Blade for Curly Brace/Quote is now right click.

Removed a popup that shouldn't have been there.
Put new GG2DLL extension into the zip.

Added support for external maps in online play
When a client doesn't have a map, it is downloaded by the client from a url specified by the server
Added [Server] MapRotation=<filename containing list of maps>
Added [Server] ServerName=My Server
Added [Server] CapLimit=5
Added [Server] Dedicated=[0,1] and command line option -dedicated to automatically start a server
Pressing F12 toggles muting of the game on and off
Fixed cripple bug, but introduced a graphical glitch when walking up slopes
Players can now switch back to spectator from red or blue
Changed GPL.txt to GPLv3
Updated Readme.txt

Added [Server] secret_characters=0

Updated server code + Other smalls things
Added custom map rotation
Added ability to disable maps from map rotation
Added number of users in a server on lobby screen
Servers now show updated current maps on lobby screen
Changed GPL licesne from GPL v2 to GPL v3 
Pressing F1 now shows license info

Added build menu for constructors
Added sentry guns for constructors
Changed Quote's sprite to include intel
Changed Quote's weapon to a blade
Changed all ingame menus
Fixed Detonator sprite when carrying intel