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Flat-Life, earlier known as "hl2d" is a singleplayer and multiplayer Half-Life modification created by chickenfist. The game features unique perspectives such as top-down and side platform views, simulating a "flat" or two dimensional (2d) game play. During the development there was many fan maps being created and released with the official releases. The development has stopped at version 1.3 and the source code has been released; however, the last official version released was 1.2. The very first public release, beta version 0.7, was released on September 27th, 2007.

The game features advanced water shading which was first introduced by Jason "ssjason123" Matson for the modification MechMod. In version 1.0 RC3 multiplayer mode was added to the game; however, multiplayer mode was never popular and there was never any long running dedicated servers available. In version 1.0b, Capture the Flag mode was added to multiplayer. An impressive feature, included in the download is the very extensive manual which covers new commands, mapping guidelines, bot information, troubleshooting, and much more.

The game was originally named hl2d, but was changed in version 1.0 RC1 because there was already a modification called that; however, the directory the mod installs under is still entitled "hl2d" as well as other references.



Single Player Maps

  • 1214 by Sajo
  • Radiation: Day One by JeffMOD
  • Radiation: Day Two by JeffMOD
  • Radiation: Day Three by JeffMOD
  • Operation Iceflow by hlife_hotdog
  • The Dark Tower by Skals
  • HL:FL Mission 01-02 by Skals
  • fl_lab_wad by Deathan
  • HL2D Tetrisitis by hlife_hotdog

Multiplayer Maps

  • tp_barrenbox by Skals
  • tp_xeria by Skals
  • dm_firstarena by chickenfist
  • ctf_omg2fort by chickenfist
  • ctf_egypt by chickenfist



Flat-Life was awarded TWHL's (The Whole Half-Life) MOTM (Map of the Month) award for March, 2008 even though it's not technically a map, but a full modification. It is not mentioned on TWHL's website anymore, but the video review has been put online showcasing the modification and the award:


Changelog as supplied by the author from the 1.3 source code.



# Trigger_set_model, trigger_set_physics, trigger_set_camera and trigger_keyboard now works in multiplayer
# Titled platform camera slightly upwards. (Can be changed/toggled with "cam_platform_offset_y" cvar)
# Tweaked the server dll to work slightly better with dedicated server.
# Fixed monster crashes in multiplayer (?)
# Added "Frags Rewarded" and "Team" keyvalues to all monster_ entities. See "Entity Guide" section
# Disabled +lookup and +lookdown in topdown mode
# Changing team while alive now removes a frag and adds a death (To prevent team changing spam)
# Fixed multiplayer overflows (?)
# Removed mp_allowmonsters cvar. Monsters will always be allowed if placed in map.
# Changed trigger_set_camera due to performance issues : it will now only set camera distance. Camera Mode should be set in map properties instead.
# Fixed bug with monster hitboxes in topdown mode
# Now returns proper name in server browser and not "HL Teamplay"
# Bots now work in platform mode.
# Removed some old, not working stuff.
# Red and blue team player models can no longer be used in normal multiplayer to prevent confusion.
# Now shows a hud icon if you can walljump and/or doublejump.


# Added zoom (mwheelup and down)
# Bots can now kill you even when ducking :P
# All announces now work even with long player names
# Included all missing files and fixed som map bugs


# Flag captures now scores properly
# Fixed bug that happened when a player changed team while carrying the flag
# Added powerups
# Added killing spree, dominating and godlike announcements. (5, 10 and 15 kill streaks)
# Minor code tweaks.
# Bots can now be used in a dedicated server.
# Fixed bug with ctf announce
# New map: ctf_egypt


# Fixed bug with players turning invisible...
# Fixed (or rather bypassed) bug where jointeam menu wouldn't show up.
# Added Capture the Flag.
# Teamplay is now set depending on map prefix. (tp_ and ctf_ maps will have teamplay automatically. mp_teamplay cvar removed)
# New map: ctf_omg2fort.
# Fixed bug in tp_firstarena.

# 1.0 RC3: Multiplayer support!
New MP entities: info_player_red, info_player_blue.
# Added bots - added addbot command. Removed hl2d_blood and r_crosshair_dynamic cvars, extra blood and gore and dynamic crosshairs will always be on.
# Fixed zoom bug on the 357
# Fixed bug with ladders in topdown mode
# Fixed occasional bug with trigger_changelevel.
# Fixed occasional loadgame crash bug.
# Added autosave in lobby, preventing bad loads on death.
# Slightly updated lobby

1.0 RC2:
# Fixed gross bugs with trigger_set_camera. You can now switch back to topdown mode from platform.
# Fixed hud_triapi.
# You can now aim 90 degrees up and down.
# Fixed monster movement, and removed mp_movementdebug. (Notices are shown in aiconsole instead)
# Added monster spawnflag to force constant platform alignment, regardless of cameramode.

1.0 RC1:
# Mod is now known as Flat-life due to there already being a mod named HL2D :(
# Updated Manual included. (Manual/ dir)

# Topdown mode added.
# Improved flashlight
# Added trigger_set_flashlight
# Each map can now have its own sentences.txt file.
# Fixed crossbow attack animation not playing.
# Fixed bug where camera distance would not reset when changing map, or while loading game.
# Fixed bug that sometimes caused camera angles to b0rk at load.
# Fixed hl2d_physics command, now works.
# Fixed ladders, can now be climbed.
# HL2D Triggers can now be activated by trigger_autos and monsters.
# scripted_sequences now work properly.
# Jump animation now plays while walljumping and doublejumping.

# Each map can now have its own sentences.txt file!
# Added hud_triapi entity.
# Added Level Selection menu.
# Added reloading text.
# Added custom weapon model system, like in Sven-Coop.
# Added different crosshairs for different weapons.
# Added r_crosshair_dynamic cvar
# Added trigger_changelevel_simple entity.
# Added trigger_keyboard entity.
# Added hl2d_info console command
# Added hl2d_playerinfo console command
# Added hl2d_monsterinfo console command
# Added mp_movementdebug cvar

# Removed env_zoom. It was hacky and the same effect can be made using trigger_set_camera.

# Player can now be turned.
# Added trigger_turn_player
# Added hl2d_turn console command

# Greatly improved monster handling.
# Added spawnflag for monsters allowing them to ignore 2D movement restrictions.

# Player model changes now works in dev mode too
# Changed the way player models is defined, player models can now be set ingame using a trigger_set_model.
# Added trigger_set_model (Can change both Player model and monster models ingame)
# Removed info_map_parameters

Beta 1.1:
# Fixed pretty bad crash bug x)
# Settings menu must now be opened manually. Press H to do so.
# Difficulcy now defaults to Medium.
# Fixed Shotgun's primary attack animation bug.
# Fixed bug where Gordon could be rotated while dead.
# Fixed bug causing things to b0rk on game load.
# More code tweaks.
# Added hl2d_physics console command.

Beta 1.0
# Added everything you actually need to download/play hl2d campaigns.
# Added more blood and gore, for good measure.
# Added MOD Music Support (MOD,S3M,XM,IT,MID,RMI,SGT,FSB)
# Added trigger_play_chipmod (See mapping guide!)
# Added doublejumping and walljumping and a definable player jump height and speed. (See mapping guide!)
# Added trigger_set_physics (See mapping guide!)
# Added a bit more "swing" in Gordons' back.
# Added smoke puff effect
# Added settings menu
# Removed trigger_set_player, player model is now set in info_map_parameters instead.
# Fixed bug with monster movement
# Fixed headcrab movement
# Fixed trigger_set_camera, now works properly.
# Fixed env_zoom, now works properly.
# Fixed bug where crosshair sometimes would turn non-transparent
# Fixed bug where player would go back to gordon model on death, even if other model was set
# Several small code tweaks
# World now shakes on explosions
# Added Steam splash screens and dialogs.

Beta 0.9
# Monsters no longer walk out of reach, so you no longer have to place clip brushes to keep them aligned
# Fixed crash bug when restarting after death
# Added crosshair
# Added trigger_set_camera
# Added trigger_set_player

Beta 0.8
# Removed trigger_ring. (It sucked)
# You can now shoot left xD
# All weapons work properly.
# Added info_map_parameters entity.
# Added env_zoom entity.
# Added trigger_random entity.

Beta 0.7
# Initial public release.

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