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Showing FakeFull in use

FakeFull was first a Metamod plugin created by Olo, released in 2001. The last official version by Olo was version 1.3 which was released on June 2nd, 2002.

FakeFull gives you the ability to create "fake" player which are in fact spectators that make the server appear full in an effort to drive more traffic to the server. This is a very controversial plugin considering it essentially tricks new players into joining the empty server. For players that know, these fake players can be spotted by their scores or pings of 0 (or all have the same time connected to the server) when looking into the server information panel which largely defeats the purpose of the plugin. Since then, the plugin has been ported by various authors to various management systems such as AMX Mod and AMX Mod X. Since then it has also got more sophisticated in terms of its player perception. Some versions even make it possibly to generate random pings and connect times as to appear that they are real players.

FakeFull by Olo

The original version by Olo featured a configuration file in which you could change (version 1.3):

  • Minimal number of clients (real and fake) to keep on server using ff_players
  • Delay between each fakeclient join/leave using ff_delay
  • Set fake clients as spectators (default), or actual players (disturbs gameplay) using allow_spectators
  • Create an array of usernames using ff_name

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