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FRAG FACTORY MOTD as of November 23, 2008

FRAG FACTORY, officially titled "-=|| FRAG FACTORY ||=-" is a Half-Life Deathmatch: Source server. it is known for it's popularity mainly due to the modifications and custom maps it runs.

When spawning, you will receive the shotgun, shotgun ammo, and the long jump module as part of the server's modifications. When dying, you will receive a notification of how much health your killer had left when killing you. The current player limit is set at 20 and the time limit is set at 15 minutes.


  • bash_b10
  • boot_camp
  • bounce
  • dms_2castle
  • dms_feudal
  • dms_killdome
  • dms_langshian
  • dms_mesabase
  • dms_sandspyre
  • dms_spookface1
  • dms_stalkx
  • dms_warehousecombat
  • dms_xfire
  • overgrowth
  • shaZe_arena
  • subtransit
  • vertigo2

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