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Portion of Edge of Darkness' intro screenshot

Edge of Darkness is a Half-Life single-player modification created by Chris Spain and released on June 14th, 2000. The modification contains 11 maps and is notable for its longevity as a generally well received modification for Half-Life.

The modification mostly uses original assets included with Half-Life; however, one new texture, one new skybox graphic and one new sprite were also implemented. Shortly after release, Chris Span released a complete in-depth text walkthrough available at his website.



The story takes place after Gordon Freeman escapes from Black Mesa and now is called on by a shadowy organization called "Alien Counter-Insurgency Bureau". The purpose of the organization is to help protect mankind from the threat posed by Xen. Edge of Darkness starts you off on your first mission working for the Alien Counter-Insurgency Bureau.

Additional Credits

  • Snow sky by Jeff Garstecki
  • Rain sprite by Freon (Fabien Cortina)


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