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Eagle-Force, also possibly less officially known as "Eagle Force" was a Half-Life modification being actively developed throughout 2000 and lead by Punk_Kid. It was previously known as The Swat Team Mod but during January 2000, changed its name to Eagle-Force. It was to be a team-play SWAT based modification to compete with the similar themed game, Counter-Strike.

During a questionnaire with Punk_Kid, he explained that what set their modification apart from the many Counter-Strike and Action Half-Life clones being developed at the time was that they were taking their time and focusing on all the problems that those modifications had and improving them. Several web-based interviews were done with Punk_Kid over the development of the modification including interviews from 3D-Shooters and GamersOrb.


The official website was originally located as a hosted site on HalfLife.net, and then later moved on January 24th, 2000 to their own domain at Eagle-Force.net. During February of 2000 a new site design was implemented as the growing success of the modification. At one point during April of 2000 the team released a hosted site entitled "Eagle Force Headquarters (EFHQ)" which contained more fan-based information about the modification.

The last news update was posted on December 5th, 2000 by Punk_Kid (promising an upcoming release). During August, 2001, a temporary page was put up with a taped note graphic with the message:

subject: eagle-force
status: alive and kicking
current state: development

We'll Be Right Back

In September, 2001, the site was taken down and forwarded to a German page, seemingly unrelated to Eagle-Force.


Eagle Force had a fairly large development team consisting of the following members and tasks (as of the last update):

  • Punk_Kid - Lead Designer, Environments
  • Totmacher - Assistant Designer, 3D Modeling
  • Sykk - Assistant Designer, Environments

Implementation and Programming

  • another1_real
  • LQS

Inorganic Modelers

  • Hermenegilles
  • Obi-Wan
  • Savior
  • CrazyBen

Organic Modelers

  • Rattler
  • Markus

3D Modeling/Animation

  • LiquidGamerX

Concept Artists, Texture Artists, and 2D Animation

  • Keyser_Soze
  • Fungoid Mass
  • Galen

Environmental Artists

  • Sihl_tu_kej
  • Julian
  • Sniper
  • JadedGamerX
  • LiquidGamerX
  • Fungoid-Mass
  • Point-Blank
  • Willis