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Dogs of War: Squad Based Combat (abbreviated DoW) was a Half-Life modification being developed in early 1999. The modification development was particularity short lived with news postings ranging from January 20th, 1999 to February 9th, 2009. The modification was to have many different modes of play including King of the Hill and Capture the Flag among others with 12 different classes and up to 35 different weapons set as a team-based first person shooter.

The modification was lead by Sanchez who appeared to be doing most of the development personally; however, another team member going by the name Daryl Shaw eventually was recruited to design maps for the modification. At one point Sanchez was trying to get website hosting at Planet Half-Life; however, was unsuccessful. Instead, he used a free host at the time called HyperMart to host his web site. Sanchez later went on to being development on another ill-fated modification called Awakening Cydonia.

Many unrealistic features were set for the game including advanced vehicle support as well as online global player rankings. Besides this, the sheer amount of custom content including weapons and classes and a diverse theme seemed overly ambitious to such a small team.



This information was retrieved from the latest updates to the site which are believed to be from February 9th, 2009.


Dogs of War will (hopefully) contain the following features:-

* 12 Individual Classes to choose from. Varied from Ammo Carrier to Spec Ops Unit

* 35, count em, new weapons for you to go wild with. All realistic Military and Paramilitary
  weapons from the WW2 era up to the present day. Everything from a humble Colt .45 to a
  huge Barrett M-82A1. On top of the new weapons, 9 of Half-Life’s original weapons will 
  be included, totaling 44! weapons.

* Squad Based Combat. You fight for yourself and you will get nowhere. Fight as a team and
   reap the rewards.

* Strategy oozing from every pore. It is no longer enough to simply blast away and outnumber
   the enemy. As you play against sentient humans, there _should_ be no annoying bugs with AI,
   and with a designated Commander, you can be sure they are plotting against you.

* Longer games due to the Game/Round system. Each map you play on counts as a single
   round, and each round continues on after the previous one until the game is won or lost.

* An advanced radio communication system, allow for quick communications between your
   squad’s units. Extra versatility for the Squad Commander who can tell his troops almost
   anything, via preset audio calls

* MONEY! As a trained mercenary, your life revolves around money, hopefully as much as
   possible. However you are not just earning money for yourself, but for your team. Get enough
   and you can all retire.

* Varied modes of play, depending on the map. HalfLife's diverse map code allows for almost
   anything to be implemented in a map. You may be in a capture the flag situation, striving to be
   King of the Hill, destroying a given target, or assasinating the enemy commander.

* Many different locations, throughout space and time. Fight in a beach invasion, Normandy
  style or rumble in the jungles of VietNam. Fight across painted deserts and rolling fields. Battle
  in the snow, or in a ruined city. The choices are unlimited!

* Air Support from your friendly B1-B Lancer. If you're having trouble cracking open that
   bunker, get the flyboys to do it for you. Easy as.

* Upgrade your firepower in the "MALL OF DEATH" A shopping centre for the ultra violent.
   As you progress through a game, the money you accumulate goes toward bigger and better

* Vehicles! DoW will feature between 5 and 15 vehicles, each with individual characteristics.
  Choose from a range of land and sea vehicles, including Swamp boats and Ski Doos.    

* Squad rankings. Join the official Dogs of War League, and find out how you rank against
   squads across the world. Clans are no more and Squads are the way. note: this feature may
   be subject to change, ie removal if it turns out that a World wide league is too hard to manage

The Weapons

When you come back from the field, feel free to visit “The Mall of Death,” a service we provide to allow our squads to equip themselves with the best weapons available. Currently in stock we have:-

Pistols -

Colt .45
Glock 18
IntraTec DC-9
Colt Python
Desert Eagle .50
RMA Patriot

Sub-machineguns -

Ingram MAC-10
Enfield SA-80
Heckler and Koch MP5K
Steyr AUG
Heckler and Koch MP5 + M-203

Assault Rifles -

M-16 + M-203
SR-88A + 40GL

Shotguns -

Currently our stock of shotguns is depleted, but several are on order.

SAWs -

Browning 1919 A4
Heckler & Koch HK21
M249 Minimi
M134 Minigun

Sniper Rifles -

Heckler & Koch MSG-90
Barrett M-82A1

Grenade launchers and RPGs -

Unfortunaly we are also out of all of our GLs and RPGs, but expect a great selection when our order comes in

Flamers -

As flamers are a harder commodity to come by, you will have to wait until we can procure the goods for you to purchase.

Explosives -

Frag grenade
C4 charge
Satchel charge
Claymore Anti-personnel mine
Laser tripmines

I hope you will thoroughly enjoy the selection of weapons we provide, and find them genuinely useful. All weapons come with our famous guarantee - “If it fails in battle and you die, we will gladly refund your money to your next of kin.”



Nobody knows where the Commander came from or who he really is. The general answer when someone asks is that he was sewn together from the pieces of dead mercs, and that he cannot die. He is the ultimate hard-ass, and when he says something EVERYONE listens.

Possibly the only guy tougher than the commander is your SAW unit. Built like an Ox, and almost as intelligent, this animal can chew up a grenade and spit the shrapnel back at you. This guy also enjoys changing smoking barrels with his bare hands. His hobby is collecting bullets he extracts from his confirmeds. You are glad he's on your side.

His best friend is always by his side, it really warms the heart, but he is not there for a polite chat and a cup of tea, this fellow is along so he can say "That's my ammo shredding those guys over there." The ammo carrier is the friend of the entire squad, always ready to give a nice little donation to those in need.

Another guy that is never too far away is your medic. The doc never sits down. There is always a casualty for him to attend to, or an enemy for him to plug away at with his pistol. If you lose an arm or a leg, you know the doc will be right there with a new one to sew on. And if he can't find one, he'd probably rip off one of his own and give it to you.

The sniper of the squad is a strange sort, real quiet, but give him a speck on the horizon andhe'll drop it. He keeps in touch by shooting flies with a BB gun. When you see enemies dropping for no reason, it's usually because of him.

The smallest guy in the squad you wouldn't wanna mess with either. He can outrun a cheetah or dodge a bullet before you even see the muzzle flash. With no fear, the scout will charge an enemy emplacement, and mow them down before they know what's hit 'em. He also makes sure everyone knows exactly what is going on around them

Your grenadier has a few tricks up his sleeve too. He has enough ordnance to launch his own small scale artillery assault, and enough firepower to pull it off successfully. Once that pin is pulled, you know somebody is going to die in a very messy way.

The next guy doesn't have any special skills, he is just completely insane, and loves the smell of gunpowder. But don't get him wrong either. He is tough, too. So tough he has muscles in his shit. Don't fuck with the Grunt.

You have mixed feelings about your flame unit. Your first memory of him is when he yelled into an enemy bunker "Anyone need a light?" before torching the place. He is an anti-social and mentally dysfunctional ex-marine, who, in absence of anything better to kill would turn his guns on you without second thought. He is valuable to the team, but you still try to stand clear of him.

Your resident sapper knows all there is to know about explosives. Ex-demolitions contracter and Ex-police bomb squad. He can lay down bombs or diffuse them just as fast. When you really need that bridge down, he's your man. Or if you want to make sure no one goes too close to your cash box...

The close combatant of your squad is blind in one eye. Caught some shrapnel during his service in Desert Storm. He was discharge as unfit, but you know better. While he may not be able to hit anything further than 20 metres away, he is quick and nimble enough to drop in right next to an enemy and jam his shotgun down the enemy's throat before blasting him across the battleground.

The final squad member is the Spec Ops unit. Ex SAS, this guy can do almost anything. He is armed to the teeth, and has explosives training. Unfortunately he is still "the skinny british guy" and can't take much of a pounding.

And then there's you. You don't fit into anything just yet, but when someone else dies, you will probably end up taking their spot. but for now you are just along for the ride...