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Decadence is a multiplayer Source engine modification where four characters in teams of two fight over territory. It was first released on March 28th, 2009, with a pre-release date set on March 27th, 2009. The latest version is 1.0.1 which was a patch released on April 8th, 2009.

The game setting takes place in a post apocalyptic world where water is being fought over, and is the overall objective in the game using a king of the hill type scenario for gameplay. There is two teams each consisting of two classes and two players for a total of four maximum players per game.

It was developed by a small team of seven who all almost met while studying Computer Development at the University of Skovde, Sweden. Decadence is notable for its minimal usage of the HUD interface as well as an extreme amount of polish and design through the modification and website.


Team Members

Parts of the core team (from left to right): Johan Bernhardsson, Henrik Alfredsson, Tobias Mollstam, Filip Coulianos, Erik Wiklund, Claes Engdahl, Sara Wendel-Örtqvist.
  • Henrik Alfredsson (Majestic XII) - Designer
  • Johan Bernhardsson (Unicorn) - Programmer
  • Filip Coulianos (Coulianos) - Artist
  • Claes Engdal (Nurb) - Artist
  • Luke Hutton (Stringed Evil) Sound Effects Artist
  • Pontus Karlsson (Pomperi) - Artist
  • Tobias Möllstam (mollstam) - Community Developer
  • Sara Wendel (SolSara) - Game Writer
  • Erik Wiklund (wiklund) - Animator

Past Team Members

  • Johan Aronson - Artist


  • Sebastian Aav - Composer
  • Björn Claesson - Artist
  • Kelly Harrigan - Voice Actor
  • Melissa D. Johnson - Voice Actor
  • David Palm - Designer
  • Michael Pelletier - Writer
  • Edwyn Tiong - Voice Actor


A patch, version 1.0.1, was released April 8th, 2009 which fixed broken lag compensation for bullets and wrong user name in the Decadence options. The developer kit was released on April 4th, which allowed players to map for Decadence.


Website errors

On of March 3rd, and possibly sooner, an error report started to show on the official site and no areas of the site were accessible. Shortly after, the site began to function normally; however, the forums (Community section) give a 500 error with the message "Oops! We're sorry but something failed, a report has been dispatched and we'll take a look at it shortly." You may still; however, access forum posts with a direct URL to the post.

Players & Activity

Over the very short active life-span of Decadence, servers had trouble keeping a player base due to the fact that nobody was willing to join an empty server as discussed on the official forums. Eventually, as all servers ran empty, there no longer exists any permanent running servers.


For an archive of dead servers see: Category:Decadence Servers

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