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Zombie Master Maps
View of the starting area with a player about to be killed from a barrage of falling objects

Deathrun is a non-standard Zombie Master map created by The-Banshee. Several versions of the map exist, with the widest spread versions being zm_deathrun_a7 and zm_deathrun_v1 (lastest version). The objective of the map is to run up a hill while the Zombie Master spawns various physic objects to the players. Several random-based round triggers may also happen such as normal rounds, a racing round, an unlimited resource round, and a round where the Teletubby will run down the hill to help kill players (named the Nicosa round).

The map has various internet meme references and obscure humor including the trap notification, "Do a FLAMING barrel roll!", a Teletubby model, the song, "Bill O'Reilly Flips Out — DANCE REMIX", and a giant create featuring the face of the Shoop Da Whoop meme among others.

As Garry's Mod can run Zombie Master maps, it has also been popular in Garry's Mod.


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