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DM2SP, short for "Death Match to Single Player" was a project/contest/competition ran by Phillip Marlowe of PlanetPhillip started on June 21st, 2009. Mappers were to submit a single player version of a deathmatch map. The prize was $140 for the first place and a total of two entries submitted, much to Phillip's dismay.

The original domain "" now is a PlanetPhillip post listing with the message "DM2SP has closed". There was a Twitter account set up for the project which has also now been deleted.



  • SP Balcony by Martin Seyfert AKA reaper47 based on DM Balcony
  • SP Lockdown by Da Fat Cat based on DM Lockdown


Phillip had announced the project closing on episode C:15593 (#42) of Podcast17 on August 2nd, 2009. He stated that "I promised myself that I wasn't going to do this, but, the community should really be ashamed of themselves" and went on to saying that when you look at one of the entries, SP Balcony, "it really is possible to convert DM maps into interested SP maps".

On episode C:15761 (#43) there was a brief discussion about both maps that were submitted to the contest.


The original outline of the project as explained by Phillip on PlanetPhillip on June 21st, 2009:

The Basics
The objective of the site, website and project is to encourage, cajole and blackmail modders into converting DeathMatch maps for Half-Life 2 into simple Single Player maps.

Hence the name DM2SP!

How It Works
You take a HL2DM map and convert it to a single player map.

All the maps submitted are played by the judges.

The winner will be the best adaptation, making best use of architecture, lighting, enemies and gameplay.

Prize Fund
I currently have $140 dollars allocated for the prize fund. If you would like to donate and help increase it, please contact me.

Ready to Start?
Read the rules and get converting. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

The Website
Everything you need to know is on the website.


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