Ctf Blindshot HSx b2

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Ctf_Blindshot_HSx_b2 outdoor area
Ctf_Blindshot_HSx_b2 spawning area

Ctf_Blindshot_HSx_b2 or Blindshot is a Team Fortress 2 capture the flag map created by Christopher Buckley (also known as "[HSx]-DrunkMouse") and released on January 1st, 2008. This release is the second version of his first map that he has created for Team Fortress 2 under the [HSx] clan.

The map is fairly small with a centralized spawning point where both teams can see each others spawn rooms through glass. Above the spawn areas is an outdoor area where most of the action takes place. The map also features a large stairwell leading down into each spawn. It was played frequently on the HSx clan server after its release.


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