Desert Eagle weapon as shown in-game
Screenshot from the first map in the game

Crisis 51 was a single-player Half-Life modification being developed in 2001 through late 2002. The modification was never released and was last listed as being 24% completed (although previously listed as high as 27%) by the project leader, Richard Brookes, also known as "Crisis".

On June 23rd, 2001, Planet Half-Life posted "HL Crisis 51 has posted 3 small model renders of their nearly completed AK-47 on their recently reopened site." linking to their, then, free hosted domain and website. Many screenshots and files are no longer available from Internet Archive Wayback Machine and as such may be lost forever.



Delta-Force team member render

The story has changed and evolved throughout the modification's short history and started as you playing as Gordon Freeman, specializing in anomalous materials, weapons technology, off-world expeditions, survival and combat training. The player was caught in a takeover situation on an off-world mission to find an important element, Unopentium, otherwise known as Element 115. You were to survive this "impossible situation", fight your way out of the base and contact the outside world.

The story later changed the player's name to Mark Slater who was a skilled and intelligent Delta-Force operative with many similar specialties as before. The background of the story this time focused more on a realistic modern scenario where during a mission to disarm a terrorist faction. During the mission Slater's whole team was wiped out and he was later relieved of duties. He went on to work as a weapon consultant at the Groom lake facility (Area 51) where events lead him to once again involve himself in combat while fighting off a terrorist plot being executed by a terrorist origination called the "Blackstar" lead by Davidov Romanenko. He was also expected to survive this "impossible situation".


Crisis 51 website header (from layout 2)

Originally hosting on a free web hosting service, the website moved to a new domain, in which the website went through two separate layout changes from 2001 to 2002. It later became a personal website for SemiDiablan (a previous member of the team) in late 2002, then subsequently was terminated in early 2003.

Team Members

Team Leader

  • Crisis, Richard Brookes


  • Snaps, Alex Lako

Story Development

  • Crisismind, Chris Marshfield

C4 Software

  • Tal-N, Chris Blane
  • BitMAP, Tim Gauthier


  • Tom76, Daniel Glenfield
  • Octi, Jochen Werner
  • November235 (C4), James Freedman


  • BlackPanther, Michael Mallet
  • Ioncore, Patrick Alm
  • Script, Andrew Closson
  • Bon£ Coll£ctor, Mikael G Lofmark
  • Amerai, Ian Smith

2D Artists

  • Savage Monkey, Andrew Edwards

Music Composer

  • Cade, Christopher Diehm


  • DaRK MaCHiNE
  • crazygui, Guillaume Vialaneix
  • Prometheus, Mike Valentine

Sound FX Artists

  • xDiabolicxSoulx, Kevin Kohler

Voice Actors

  • Chrome, Damian Sosa
  • VocalVooDoo, Josh Mahler
  • Fury-161, Andrew Scott

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