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ChatVariables is a Metamod plugin created for Natural Selection by Voogru and released on May 9th 2003. The plugin adds the functionality to insert variables when you type.

The current supported values are "%h" (health), "%r" (resources), "%a" (armor), and "%l" (current location). When typing any of the variables in your text and sending the message, corresponding data will be inserted in the place of the variables. This plugin uses titles.txt to get the current location for official maps; however, it uses a different method for extracting the titles in custom maps. The plugin and source is no longer available to download - the download link is broken with no alternatives.

Input example:

  • "I currently have %h health, %a armor, and %r resources and I'm at %l"

Output example:

  • "I currently have 100 health, 80 armor, and 10/33 resources and I'm at Mother Interface"

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