Blast Radius was a Half-Life 2 modification that was in development throughout 2004 lead by Quasar. The modification was to have both single player and multiplayer elements.

There was plans to release a demo version of the modification for the original Half-Life as well; however, this may be in part due to Half-Life 2 not being released at the time the modification started development.



The story as written by Quasar on the ModDB profile:

The year is 2010. Nick McDonald is a DEA agent on an assignment to discover and stop the production and sale of a mysterious new narcotic “White Spice”. In the Blast Radius Trailer, Nick has his first encounter with this mysterious drug and manages to destroy a boatload of it while the boat is arriving in a dock overrun by members of the drug cartel. Nick is made the primary enemy of the cartel for this reason.

And if you don't understand the significance of "Blast Radius", it will become apparent as the story develops.


  • Quasar – Leader, Lead Mapper and Website Guy
  • Quicksilver – Mapper
  • Eediot - Guy Who Made The Website
  • Lord Mantrid – Voice Actor, Official Random Idea Person

Previous Members

  • Orgun – Lead Modeller
  • Factor-X – Modeller
  • Peanut – Lead Skinner
  • Neomesis – Web Designer, Mapper


The Blast Radius website officially launched in April, 2004 where many sections were available including an about, media and news pages as well as a forum. The website was launched again on December 17th, 2004 with a new look and layout as well as a new forum (although the forum switch occurred before the second version of the website was released). Both iterations of the website never displayed any media within the media section

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