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Bisounours Party is a multi-player Half-Life 2 modification released July 1st, 2009. It features a varied amount of game modes including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag and more.

The modification was in development for around three years prior to the first release. The art-style in the modification follows a very childish, but tongue-and-cheek approach using colorful bears as players a long with cell-shaded graphics and simple textures. A long side this, there is also several references to drugs included in the game's art such as hemp plants as foliage, bongs as health power-ups among other things - furthering its comedic and silly theme.

Bisounours was the french name for The Care Bears, a popular children's television cartoon during the 80's. Because of the naming, many do not realize it is a french word; therefore, mispronounce it as heard on Podcast17 as well as ModDB TV.

Pocast 17

Bisounours Party has been mentioned several times on Podcast17 including:

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