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Before is a single-player Half-Life modification created by Vincevich “Gua” Andrey and released on March 2nd, 2009. The modification was released with two versions, a lite versions containing just the maps (approximately 15MB in size), and a full version containing music and new high-poly models (approximately 50MB in size).

Title screen menu for Before

The game is notable for its quality of design; however, also known for its very short length and list of bugs. The credit sequence is also very innovative for a Half-Life modification whereby a camera on rails flys through a map that has typographic elements on the walls for people involved in the modification. The modification uses Spirit of Half-Life 1.8 technology for increased visuals.



Story, as written by the author:

Under certain radiation exposure this artifact opens a portal. Presumably the portal will lead to another artifact in the parallel world. Mission: Enter the portal and find the artifact in the parallel world. You will receive our new development, a suit that will allow you to safely get through the portal, and theoretically protect you from possible dangers in the parallel world. Once you have found the artifact, press this button on your suit and you will get teleported back to the Black Mesa laboratory.


Known Bugs

  • There’s a small possibility that the boss will fly into a wall. Loading the last save helps this.
  • If you try to load a saved game from the second map, the game will crash.
  • There’s an Alien Controller’s fireball floating on the first map once in a while.
  • Sometimes rain falls to a place it’s not supposed to fall to.
  • The scientist on the ship doesn’t talk sometimes.
  • Alien Controllers don’t fall to the ground after death.
  • It’s sometimes hard to blow the trip-mine.

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