Battle Royale was a Half-Life 2 modification being developed briefly in 2005 and then again briefly in 2006. The modification was originally started in 2005 by "evansmp"; however, "Xinoxide" took over the project in February 26th, 2006 under the name, "Tactical Battle Survival".

The modification was to be based off the Japanese film and a manga series of the same name and was to be both single-player and multi-player.


42 students have been chosen by national lottery to participate in the Battle Royal program. As one of those students, the premise of the game is to kill off each one of them until there is only one sole survivor. Each student is fitted with a metal collar that tracks their location, vital signs and conversions. If the game runs past the allotted time limit or if a student enters a forbidden area, a small explosive nestled up placed their throat explodes, killing the student.

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