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Balkan Crisis (sometimes listed as "Balkan - Crisis" and "Balkan crisis") was a multiplayer Half-Life modification in development roughly from April to June 2004 and lead by Hanzie and Remy (also known as Reems). There was plans to also release a Half-Life 2 version after Half-Life 2 was released by Valve.

The modification is set within the the early nineties when terrorism was heavy in the Balkans. You were to play as either the Netherlands NATO issued peacekeeping force or the local residents with a team-based gameplay.



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The Balkan Crisis team original launched their website using a .tk domain ( on May 22nd, 2004 then moved to a donated domain name ( on June 6th, 2004. There was several large resolutions wallpapers, artwork, model renders, and development screenshots located on the website; however, Internet Archive Wayback Machine did not index them.

The last news posting on the website was August 8th, 2004 by Remy stating that they have dedicated to stop working on the modification to work on other projects for Half-Life 2 and Doom3. On August 10th, 2004, Planet Half-Life posted a a brief story about the modification's closing.


Balkan Crisis also had a forum which was never very active, mostly consisting of the developers and team of the modification. The forum underwent two design changes much like the website at different points.

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  • Site Design by H. Cremers
  • Code by H. Cremers and K. Cremers
  • Artwork by J. Smolders


Original modification description as posted on the ModDB page as well as the about page on the website:

During the early nineties war and terror raged over the Balkan. The civil wars in the several countries had to be ended. So NATO issued a peacekeeping force to the region. Many European countries and America tried to cool things down in the troubled region. One of those European countries was the Netherlands.

We try to simulate the happenings during the years the Netherlands were fighting in the Balkan region. We try to let you experience the frightening feeling of moving trough bombarded cities. Were snipers could be anywhere and trip mines are no exception. We try to let you experience the feeling of moving trough dens woods and small villages. We try to let you experience the Balkan…

We're making this mod on the Half-life 1 engine. But we're also going to switch over as soon as the second version is released. We're making a multiplayer only game. Maybe that will change once we've gone over to the half-life 2 engine.

There will be two teams. The Netherlands and the local residents. There will authentic weaponry like Diemaco c7's Groza's, AK47's and much more. The locations will be diverse and really pushing the engine to the max. The gameplay will be of a tactical type. Rushing isn't advised.

We'll try to implement as many of today's 'normal' options as possible. Options like leaning and aiming.

We don't have a release date yet. But it will take a while. We might release a beta once the time comes. We will release trailers. In the meantime stay tuned...

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